Wednesday, May 24, 2006

feeling the collective

i don't feel as though i know many things right now, but here are some that i do know:
  • 25 is hard
  • drinking beer and eating crackers with friends on a tuesday night is sometimes what you need
  • buying a condo and getting engaged are not in my immediate future
  • it is some sort of release to sing as loud as your lungs will let you whilst driving to Not Ready to Make Nice by the Dixie Chicks
  • i think cosmetics are killing women slowly
  • i am getting my make-up done at MAC for a spring fever party this weekend
  • finding the balance will always be a challenge
  • 25 is all about balance

1 comment:

Joy said...

Ah, the irony.. makeup is so bad yet so, so good. Ha.

As bad as this may sound, I am glad that I am not the only 25 year old trying to sort out her life right now. It's difficult, but doable.

My 25 is about learning what it takes to be a mature adult.