Monday, April 03, 2006

rolling, brewing, steeping, baking, cleaning, eating, typing.....oh and thinking

i finished one of my three papers today and it felt great! i also sent off another job application so i feel like i am rather on a roll. and i would like to take advantage of this situation of wanting to work and not procrastinate, but i think i am all tuckered out from the exertion of the first paper (ha! if you consider baking cookies, cleaning my bathroom, making and then consuming copious amounts of tea and coffee, eating loads of toast and cereal for snacks, talking on msn for hours, making iTunes playlists, and getting a pedicure hard work!) my eyes are slowly closing and it is only 1am, much earlier than my recent 4am bedtime.

but i am trying to work hard (well, apart from the time i waste doing god knows what in this tiny room) because my parents come for a visit in 3 days!

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