Tuesday, April 04, 2006

a proper waste of my time

Four jobs I have had.....
1. Cultural Activity Leader at Mount Royal College
2. Community Resource Worker at DDRC
3. Smiling Happy Employee at The Gap
4. small business owner/operator (sounds fancy when i write it like that)

Four movies I would watch over and over...
1. Love Actually
2. Brokeback Mountain
3. Heat
4. Napoleon Dynamite

Four places I have lived...
1. Mazatlan, Mexico
2. Lancaster, UK
3. Bredasdorp, South Africa
4. Lacombe, Alberta

Four TV shows I love to watch...
1. The National (online, as I am without a tv)
2. ER
3. old episodes of My So-Called Life and Dawson's Creek
4. Jeopardy! (seriously, i couldn't think of anything else because i don't watch tv, but i do like alec)

Four places I have been on vacation...
1. Havana, Cuba
2. Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras
3. Australia, New Zealand, Fiji
4. Italy

Four websites I visit daily...
1. BBC/CBC/Globe and Mail
2. all my email accounts
3. blogs, blogs, and more blogs
4. i check the exchange rate pretty much daily

Favourite foods...
1. sushi
2. vegetables (any kind apart from cooked peas, cream corn, or raw cauliflower and broccoli)
3. anything mexican in mexico
4. auntie joey's milk tart

Four places you would rather be right now...
1. running beside the fields of sheep
2. argentina or guatemala, since i have been researching them both recently
3. ottawa, because i actually love politics that much
4. sharing tea or wine with my ladies in a warm kitchen, there is actually no where else i would rather be than doing this


K said...

feel free to zip on over and have tea and wine in my ottawan kitchen anytime...

Dana said...

Tea, wine, "sweet jumps," Hugh Grant, travels, running, smiling happy people, Jared Leto, veggies, and Katie before Tom - all of my favorite things.

You're swell.