Wednesday, April 19, 2006

red and yellow and purple and green...i can sing a rainbow

i woke up today feeling rather blue because my parents left yesterday and they went home to be with the rest of my family and i have papers to write. then i thought, will i ever stop wondering if the grass is always greener on the other side and if i will ever stop wanting what i don't have simply because i don't have it. cause right now calgary sounds pretty terrific and i'd love to be there.

i have effectively self medicated with some pleasant
springtime coloured m&m's, but now my tongue is sore cause i like to suck them rather than crunch them so they last longer.

it is bright and sunny outside though and my african
violet is photosynthesizing away and hopefully tomorrow i will be able to get outside some more and enjoy the daffodils and the smell of liquid fertilizer. if ever you have smelt that stuff, you can appreciate how i am reluctant to open my mouth for fear i might actually eat sh*t.

spring is definitely in the air!


Sara said...

haha. Thats gross. You know I saw some street cleaning signs the other day, and I realized that is when you know it is really spring. The city has confidence that it will not snow anymore this year and takes all of the gravel off the roads!

Joy said...

Lara those are such sweet photos! The grass is always greener, like I wish I could tour England for a little while seeing those pictures. But everyone feels that way sometimes, and I am sure it will pass.. your colorful post was neat though!

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if it is available online yet...but your friend Jan Arden was riding a bull (quite reluctantly) on the Rick Mercer Report this week. It might cheer you up (especially because it was quite a grey day in Calgary when they filmed it).

The grass really is greener I tells ya.

~K-mo (or shall i say K-Cro-Mo-Tro?)

lu said...

i watched the show with jann riding the bull, freaking hilarious. then i sent it to other people i know who aren't from calgary so they could see my true western roots!

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