Tuesday, November 02, 2010

feeling like kind of a big deal!

the cat's outta the bag.  i can finally tell people about this incredible honour that i received recently.  one of avenue magazine's top 40 under 40 in calgary.

and well, i am posting it here because sometimes i suppose it is ok when private and professional lives collide.  and i feel pretty fantastic about it, especially having met some of the other recipients who were wonderfully inspiring.

i had to have the online article revised with a word change because apparently i was one who felt the need to overcome 'diversity!'  i know i was nervous when they interviewed me, but i am pretty sure that it was adversity that i think is essential to overcome in order to grow!

my lovely sister was the one who nominated me and i found out back in july that i was going to be recognised and i had to keep quiet until last week when the magazine was released.  there was a lovely event to announce the 40 and it was pretty fantastic to spend it with my sister, brother in law, and one of my best friends.  and i wore this.  and you can't go wrong when you wear betsey.

and i am surprised to see who has come out of the facebook woodwork to express their congratulations and well wishes.  i am not complaining in the slightest, but it has been slightly overwhelming, but very reassuring that there are a lot of people behind me even if i don't talk to them regularly.  and of course there are those people i do talk to regularly.  and they are pretty damn awesome.  including my youngest brother who told me that i sounded intelligent.  and well, there are very few reassurances stronger than that.

so, there you have it.  part of the reason for my silence lately.


k said...

Congrats again lady! Love the dress and I hope not too many people really think you're into overcoming diversity- I'm pretty sure there's a way to spin it to make that a good thing though right? No?

And just so the rest of you know (I already reminded her of it)- I called this a few years ago. So if anyone else wants me to tell their future, I can work out what the price might be ;-)

Oh- and the picture? Gorgeous!

lu said...

thank you!!

and i will be hitting you up for a little more future forecasting shortly. in particular, i would really like to know what the heck i am supposed to be when i grow up, among others!

Blackie White said...

It just slightly frightens me that I go clicking Next Blog about 5 times, and then I find someone else from Calgary.

Anna said...

So proud of you. You deserve it!

La Cabeza Grande said...

I am all goose pimples. I am so proud to know you.