Thursday, November 18, 2010

it gets better

this video breaks my heart, but gives me more hope than anything.

if you haven't already, watch the video that went viral and began the movement called the it gets better project.

what an inspiring message - it does get better and it's up to all us to make sure that it does.


k said...

I watched that video too- and it definitely both broke my heart and gave me hope.

I've been trying to formulate a post about this since the project started and I haven't been able to get things to sound right. Maybe I'll try again.

I heard a really interesting "side of the story" on the radio the other day. The person was saying that while this is a great project, it may not be reaching those who need it the most due to access to the internet. For a lot of rural kids, there's no option for high speed internet at home (you just can't get it) so they rely on either school or library computers for internet access. This means that their access is really tightly controlled (search terms like "gay" are often blocked) and they are accessing internet in a public place- so they are less likely to access support sites.

As an urban, middle class person, I wouldn't have thought of that- but it is a good point.

And you're right- it IS up to all of us to make sure it gets better.

lu said...

yes, i think every effort and attempt to make things 'better' will have its detractors (i am often one of them), but i think this one is filling a void and might just be the first step, which is sort of exciting.