Tuesday, November 30, 2010

pardon the rant

does anyone feel like doing me a favour?

could you please read nicholas kristof's column A Woman.  A Prostitute.  A Slave. and tell me what the hell it is about??

he seems to be drawing attention to the fact that sexual exploitation happens in the us.  he also wants to warn those men buying sex that not all women choose to sell sex.  then he goes on to describe a situation where someone consenting to entering the states illegally, but was then exploited (a classic case of trafficking that baffles law enforcement and border services, true), but then he quickly segues into a warning that this is also happening to americans, especially those pesky runaways.

and that is about all he says.  as though it is new information.  as if he has somehow uncovered this otherwise underground and unknown story.  and what is going on with that horrible title?  he could have taken the opportunity to really dig into the issue about the debate around the consensual sex trade vs sexual exploitation or how those who pay for sex can be the eyes and ears on the ground to identifying cases of forced sex.

but no, just some bland, latent column building the kristof's image as someone who CARES and is MAKING A DIFFERENCE.  blah.  not what i wanted to read today.  of all weeks, i am a little frustrated and sick of the whole field of difference makers and compassionate citizenry and, the worst of them all, social justice.

all those words are thrown around as though they mean something, as though they translate into meaninful action.  people attend film festivals or a speaking engagement or tell someone how much they care about the people of darfur/women being raped in the congo/the earthquake victims in haiti and there you have it, they've done something.

but here is a great ted talk by esther duflo, if you want a better perspective of how and what actually does make a difference.  and how complicated the whole arena of socioeconomic development is.

my apologies for the rant, but man, i have felt irritated about issues like these lately and this column sent me over the top.

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