Thursday, April 01, 2010

challenges the same in canada as in african countries?

today i had 2 meetings.

the first was with a woman representing the epitome of what a non-profit organisation should not be.  territorial under the allusion of collaboration, interrogative, and seemingly all-knowing about what works and what doesn't.  vague, driven by a belief and a passion, but without the professionalism that is needed to build strong relationships and learn how to do what you do better.  afterwards, i felt as though i had been interviewed and evaluated, which led me to do some additional research of their organisation.  i learned that they are younger than we are and there are a number of reasons they cannot obtain charitable status in canada.

my second meeting was wonderful.  with a woman representing a local funder that seems to be innovative, responsive, and open to listening to the unique challenges and funding appropriately.  she listened, she asked intelligent questions, she paraphrased and articulated what i was trying to say with clarity.  she made suggestions on which funding streams we might want to apply for and began a conversation that will hopefully result in a relationship that will devlop into funding.  she liked my ideas on what the funding could be used for and i felt empowered to inform her of where i felt there are gaps in service provision and organisational governance.

my brain has been wrapped around the issues of international development and humantarian aid lately, through the books i have been reading, through contemplating my career path, and in my participation on recent panel discussions about foreign aid to africa.  and here i am, struggling with the same things here in canada.

funny, that.

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