Wednesday, April 07, 2010

as i do when i get lazy

here are some interesting things that i came across, did, or thought today:
  • asian soup should not be attempted in my nest.  i made some, did not enjoy it, and ended up putting the whole pot down the garburator, shame.  the seaweed disintegrated in the broth and it made my house smell.  now what do i do with an entire package of seaweed?
  • i saw a police officer just hanging out in his car outside of the superstore and i am sure it is connected to the recent incidents of food tampering in the city.  here is my question, why aren't the people who are caught (or person, as they've only caught one and suspect there are other copy cats) charged with terrorism?  i must acknowledge my ignorance of laws covering terrorism in canada and alberta, but they are essentially causing terror of a certain degree amongst the million people in the city considering the majority of us buy our food at the major grocery stores.  not cool.
  • i bought m&m's to put in my friend's care package that will be sent to east timor and then i opened them and am now eating them on the couch while watching american idol.  talk about taking the life of luxury for granted!
  • i had 'the canadian' at frilly lilly today and had a giggle when i made my appointment.
  • i watched a documentary on the mormons that was broadcast on pbs in 2007.  fascinating stuff!  the whole thing can be seen on the pbs website and if you are at all interested in how the church of jesus christ of latter day saints came to be or what the hell it is all about, watch this.  it explains it without bias or judgement or without trying to sell you on to their (crazy) stories.  i guess i am not as unbiased and nonjudgemental.  but really, watch the 4 hours of it and are sure to learn a lot.
  • i bought a new dress.  did i need a new dress?  absolutely not.  but it was 40% off!  and that peachy-orange colour that i love right now!  and it is a petite size!  and now that i look it up on the american website, i realise that i could've saved even more money if i bought it south of the 49th with this crazy exhange rate we have going on right now.
  • i returned a book that i wasn't enjoying.  i had never done that before.  i had a pang of guilt, but it passed.
  • i am having some anxiety about not being prepared to go on a week long vacation.  i think i have more stress when going to an all-inclusive resort on a beach than i do adventuring around a foreign place.  so much pressure, i tell ya.


k said...

Great, now I'm trying to figure out when I have 4 hours to watch the mormon documentary...

And since I'm lazy:
- asian soup CAN be delicious...hopefully you can find a use for your seaweed
- i'd agree with the terrorism. i hope it gets resolved soon
- have you had the peanut butter m&ms? delicious
- i love that they have an "alaskan"
- pretty dress- it will look great on the beach :)
- supremely jealous about a week at an all inclusive. i could use a "do nothing" vacation right about now...

La Cabeza Grande said...

1) Why isn't it called "terrorism?" Because no one with a remotely Middle Eastern name or visage is alleged to have done it.

2) I feel the same way about the 6 people recently arrested in the US for planning the build and detonate IEDs and causing some sort of war to preserve the "white" Christians and intensify racist feelings against "them." They're terrorists as sure as I'm sitting here. But, eh. See point number 1.

3) I bet that dress will look uber fab on you.

4) Thanks for reminding me that I need to get my hands and feet done in the worst way.