Tuesday, April 27, 2010

bullets kill in many ways, apparently

things i really like about the past week:
  • sorting out my vietnamese visa (this might be a bit premature as i am hoping what i have tried will work)
  • having 10 committed volunteers put on a flawless event to raise awareness about our organisation and human trafficking
  • a 20km run
  • time off last night to get a cheap and cheerful pedicure as i plan on wearing a lot of sandals very soon
  • my herb garden sprouting 10 sprouts
  • being interviewed by cbc radio
  • the new plants & animals cd
  • dinner and drinks with two girls that laugh at my jokes
  • tim finally got voted off american idol.  finally.
  • ironing to destress
  • a new white cardigan, which i call an INVESTMENT
  • having a contact in pattaya AND the hotel i will be staying in in pattaya
things i could've done without:
  • the verbal attack directed towards me by someone at the event who was clearly misinformed and out of turn (she later apologised and acknowledged we knew what we were doing)
  • the 1 review of the event that personally attacked me (apparently i now have enemies) out of about 50
  • meetings where people talked over one another
  • other meetings that lacked leadership
  • stubbing my toe really hard on my suitcase (which illicited fears that my 20km run was not going to happen due to a broken toe) and then whacking my elbow really hard on the corner of my wall (which just really hurt)
  • arrogant people who affiliate themselves with international development causes and then act all high and mighty as if they know everything
  • grenade attacks in bangkok that killed 3 people
  • yesterday's work-related anxiety
  • today's tax-related anxiety
  • tomorrow's packing-related anxiety (ok, a bit premature here, but i know it is coming!)


k said...

I'm sure you dealt with those attacks with grace and confidence...at the very least on the outside. If you were cursing them on the inside that's just fine.

Well done with the 20K despite that toe!
And have a great time in Vietnam!

Lulu said...

I love ironing to de-stress!!

Anonymous said...

so do i

Kels said...

wait i am sorry you bought a "cardishhhhhhhaaaaan" also known as a cardigan??? have you succumbed to their power as one of the most versatile and handy things to have in your wardrobe! i think i can speak for your sister when i say...Finally!

Sara said...

haha, thanks kels! who doesn't love a good car-di-jaun?! she has secretly loved them all along.

Sara said...

that comment was way more poetic than i had anticipated.