Sunday, January 24, 2010

sunday sense of accomplishment

i have had a full weekend and it was nice to have a weekend packed full of fun and rewarding things.  here is a list of all that i managed to accomplish:
  • a date with a tall, accented gentleman
  • ice fishing with my brother-in-law, where i proved not to be the best fisherwoman as i caught nothing (but neither did anyone else)
  • my first double cheeseburger.  it was delicious.  totally worth all that saturated fat.  and, i'll admit it, maybe even better than a single cheeseburger.
  • a lovely nap on my sister's couch
  • an impromtu stir fry dinner for two
  • a completed application to be called to work in emergencies, such as haiti
  • an 8km run (even though i was only mentally prepared for a 7km run)
  • shopping at mec for a new jacket (sale!), a new pair of mittens, a new pair of wool running socks, and a new running shirt (sale!).  not sure why i felt the need to clarify that all those items were NEW...
  • a trip to buy new runners only to find the shop was closed
  • coffee with my best friend of over 10 years
  • coffee with a new friend who will undoubtedly be a friend for a long time
  • shopping for 2 skirts at the gap that cost me all of $16, bring on the lucky lady deals!
  • shopping for 3 shirts at jacob that cost me nothing as i had a gift card
  • a quick trip to the grocery store for soup ingredients
  • leek and potato soup
  • dishes done
  • a viewing of The Hangover, which did not make me laugh out loud.  not even once.  even though everyone and their dog claims it is hilarious.  verdict?  not hilarious.
  • reading research on 'sex buyers,' otherwise known as johns.  for work.  yes, i read this stuff for work.  if you are interested, you can also read it online.
and now, to tackle the ever-growing pile of laundry that is on my floor, both dirty and clean.  and then maybe a bath.  or a read.  or an early night.  because that is how i roll (or how i am trying to).


Heather said...

I'm sorry the shop was closed!!!!!!!!!! I don't think they were sure whether they were going to close on Sunday or not, but after 12 hours of moving on Saturday we couldn't finish. Darn it! But now you get to come to the shiny new store (with a crazy terrifying poster of a guy doing pushups in the front window!)

Sara said...

ok, i knew you shouldn't have watched it by yourself because you would miss the whole experience. i think you should give it another chance at the know, enjoy it in a family setting?!

and your weekend sounds wonderful, shame about the fish.

La Cabeza Grande said...

I promise-promise-promise to get back on the legwarmer train by the weekend! Sorry for the delay.

lu said...

not to worry at all, i am in no rush and will be cold awhile longer around these parts!