Saturday, January 23, 2010

haiti fatigue?

there has been so much media coverage since the devastating earthquake in haiti over a week ago, but i wonder if people's will to give and their concern will fade after this sudden burst of interest in the poor, caribbean country?

and i know that parentless children is one of the worst parts of this disaster, but i am not sure exactly why the media continues to focus on that.  right now, there are families, single adults, children, and the elderly living in makeshift camps and they will all need help.  and my concerns about supporting orphanages in africa rather than the community could likely be transferred to haiti if the wealthy countries continue to think that all that needs to be done is babies and children need foreign families rather than focusing on what the unhcr likes to call 'durable solutions,' solutions that are longlasting and have an overall positive impact.

or maybe i am just too cynical?

but canadians raising almost $70 million to go towards the relief efforts is pretty cool.  i am really curious how that money is going to be distributed and if it will be given to the un to distribute through its flash and central emergency relief fund (cerf) system?  or if it will all go to the red cross, which is typically the lead agency in disaster management and relief.  i can't help but wish i was a part of it.

had i paid more attention in those french classes, i might be.  but i have a small amount of hope that one of my contacts within the system will call and need my assistance or 'expertise.'  at this point, all i can do is ask, which i have done.  and now i patiently wait.

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