Monday, January 25, 2010

it's magical!

over the past month, i have been becoming accustomed to the iphone, a magical, magical device that replaces my old blackberry.  my berry worked just fine, but i had mistakenly left my itouch on a plane while on my way back from toronto in december and i was able to get an iphone for the same price as a new itouch.

and let me tell you, this thing is magical.  i know that it can do a plethora of things, but so far i have found the following characteristics of my iphone and its aps magical:
  • listening to cbc radio live at my desk
  • watching ted speeches, performances, and presentations
  • reading updated texts from last night
  • browsing the internet (which is much more user-friendly than my berry)
  • notifications that i have received a facebook message or other facebook-related activity
  • making reservations through open table
  • looking recipes up on all recipes
  • the ability to gps my location and then make a map to where i want to get to
  • listening to any song in my itunes library, because the whole thing fits on my iphone
there is also a running application that i will likely get that will map all my routes.  i don't typically carry my phone with me when i run as lately i have been running with other people and not listening to my tunes (and using my garmin to track my distance), but that sounds like something fun to play around with too.

oh, the magical possibilities!


k said...

It really does sound magical...

I've turned into my mother and if my phone is still usable, I have a really hard time buying a new one. For example, my phone is a piece of crap. It is 3 years old, it randomly turns off, and I don't really like talking on it because I can't hear very well. AND YET, I can't justify paying for a new one.

I'm hoping an iPhone will magically appear in my pocket one day.

S said...

I felt really disloyal to my sweet (and red) Blackberry when it got water damage and I upgraded to an iPhone. I still feel a little ping when I see someone with a berry (especially the other day when I saw someone with a red Pearl, just like I had). But then again, I now carry the complete works of Shakespeare and Pride and Prejudice with me wherever I go. Can't beat that.

Sandra said...

I let go of my five-year-old cellphone three weeks ago and bought an iPhone. I can't stop talking about! Yes, magical indeed. Kristen, I'll tell my magical phone to work on making one appear in your pocket. There seems to be an app that can do everything else!