Saturday, January 30, 2010

commit, already!

have i mentioned that i have a cold?  a cold that won't commit and comes and goes and sometimes, like this morning, i wake up with a stuffed up nose, constant sneezes, and a nose that needs to be blown at regular intervals.  it has been here for 2 weeks now and i really wish it would either knock me on my ass or go away already.

but it hasn't stopped me from having a lovely saturday morning.

i have caught up on pvr'ed episodes of my television boyfriend's show, dirty jobs.

i have used my new egg poaching pan that was a christmas gift to make eggs benedict (but without hollandaise because i was not that organised to have the proper ingredients).

i have hung hangers for my aprons so they have a space in my nest.

i have done my ironing.

i have spoken to a local theatre about hosting a film screening.

i have had a chat with an old high school friend who wants to get into international development work.

pretty productive so far, even with a kleenex permanently attached to my nose...

1 comment:

k said...

ugh- i HATE those colds. i've had a few of those before and i have found myself saying the same thing- "just make me SICK already...this quasi sick just isn't cutting it..."

funny enough, my word verification is "bonsante" it is like it knows...