Friday, September 26, 2008

welcome back

i keep thinking i should post something, but the truth is that i have always felt that i don't have much interesting to say (for the 5 of you who regularly read this!) when i am at home. i am going to have to get over that...

i have had the typical welcome-home head cold (which is far better than the welcome-home strep throat that i had a few years ago on a visit - the pain!) and i am bored of not doing anything while also trying to sort out my life. and it has only been 2 weeks.

but i did buy myself a pencil skirt and i am pretty sure that it will be the key to finding my perfect job. i will keep you posted on that one, but sheesh, job searches are soul destroying.

and i watched the last episode of last season's grey's anatomy then last night's first episode of this season. both pretty medium, if you ask me. an icicle? i think the writers of that show need a bit of a kick in the pants to get things back to their former tear-inducing glory.


La Cabeza Grande said...

"Job searches are soul destroying." They can be. They can also be enlightening and prove a great way for you to hone your interview gamesmanship.

But I agree with you in large part. The whole "hat in hand" process sucks.

lu said...

well, that is a more positive attitude than mine! but you are right, it is a learning process and at the end of the day, it is never as personal as you think.