Friday, September 26, 2008

election fun

just hanging out on a friday evening, watching the american presidential debate. obama is looking a titch more grey than he did at the beginning of the campaign. i cannot imagine being on the spot like that and not saying something stupid. mccain just seems a little too smug.

here is something (sort of) exciting - during my volunteer commitment this morning, i saw stephen harper. well, i think it was him because i did not have my spectacles on, but we were in the same mini mall while he popped in to say hello to his riding office. i knew something was up when i saw the csis (or who i thought was csis, does csis protect our pm??) guys walking around with their earpieces and curly cords stuffed into their jackets. then i saw the fancy black cars so i popped my head out to find a bunch of guys in suits. if the guy who i thought was harper is harper, he is taller than i imagined. no sign if there were any ill-fitting vests worn.

during some downtime today i read the liberal platform and although i have not read the others, i like the idea of a longer grace period on student loans and increased financial support to the global fund. but deciding the very date that canada will be out of afghanistan? i have mixed opinions.

more exciting news - i got a blackberry today. and it is pink! and i have no idea how to use it, but i am up for a new learning curve. and i have a special place in my heart for organisational tools.


La Cabeza Grande said...

Blackberry? Very swank of you. Mine is red and i just love to look at it :o)

Ah, politics. I applaud you for volunteering.

lu said...

yay for volunteering and yay for obama. i gotta say it, he needs to win that election of yours. i know we have all heard it said a million times already, but that palin is a frightening prospect for vp of the most powerful nation on earth.

but alaska IS bordered by two other nations. apparently. someone needs to buy that woman a map.

Sara said...

did stevie look as much like a corpse in real life as he does on tv?
i think we should all vote for jack based purely on his good looks, it's about time we had a nice looking PM!

lu said...

i don't think dion is so shabby in the looks department!

beth said...

FYI..both McCain and Obama will end up taking care of student loans; they just go about it in completely different ways. I like McCain's way better as it doesn't hurt those people who have worked hard and made some good money. That shouldn't be considered a bad thing!

lu said...

thanks for stopping by beth!

i was actually talking about the canadian election and the liberal platform to increase canadian student loan grace periods. i know much less about the democrat and republican platforms, but am still fascinated by the process there too!