Thursday, September 18, 2008

the democratic process

a week or so ago, my step-dad emailed me a straight-from-the-conservative-party's mouth sneak preview to their campaign video, knowing i would probably roll my eyes and have a chuckle. which is exactly what i did.

then today, after a pedicure that was three times as much as martha's in kenya and was about one third as good, i walked by the liberal campaign office for our riding (which is just a few yards away from harper's campaign hq) and thought i would stop by and see if i could get a lawn sign to bring home, to see if i could get the same reaction from him. which is exactly what he did.

while i was there, i had a little chat with the aspirant and sort of offered to help her out if she needed it, which she clearly does if she is going against harper in an election. i have no idea what she stands for other than she thinks that this riding needs better daycare and improved services for seniors, but i don't have a problem supporting the democratic process and anyone who believes enough in that process to go against the incumbant prime minister in one of the most conservative ridings in the country has earned my respect, if not my vote.

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