Wednesday, July 02, 2008


with a lot of extra time on my hands comes reviews of books, movies, and tv shows. in true form of the me, me, me format of blogs – here is what i think about the following.

a little book called Do Travel Writers Go To Hell? by Thomas Kohnstamm caught my eye at chapters because it is an autobiographical account of lonely planet writer’s first assignment. i am glad that i read it, but not glad that my other purchase that day was a lonely planet guide! it digs into the seedy world of backpackers and hostels and in that sometimes disgusting process, also talks about the way in which those lp writers get their information (and the women along the way). the writer is fantastic and has a sharp wit and cynicism that is just my style and his story is pretty interesting.

a little movie that i had heard of on the dark continent but had no concept of was 3:10 to Yuma, which also came recommended by my little big brother. perhaps you have heard you have heard roper and ebert or whoever is on that show now, i didn’t recognise that new guy who is neither roper nor ebert (probably because at least 1 of them is dead) review this movie. but i liked it. quite a bit. more than i thought i would for a movie with so much shooting and killing and guns.

my favourite parts were the sounds of the horses and wagons, the music, and the limited dialogue that seems to be a showcase of any shortstory adapted to the big screen (think Brokeback Mountain). i am not sure about the ending, but i think that is what makes this a good story and not just a hollywood shoot ‘em up western. go peter fonda!

another little blockbuster that is new to me is Lost. it is on my boyfriend’s laptop and since he is not around to play scrabble with these days, i have taken up Lost episode watching. i have started at the first season and made my way through 8 episodes.

i am not convinced that i would still be watching it if i had other options, but i will continue to admire the actress who plays the canadian girl’s, whose name i feel as though i should know, arms. those pipes are envy worthy.

just 9 more days of entertaining myself. stupid army.

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K said...

Evangeline Lily. And she did one of those late night phone line commercials back in the know the ones where hot women are just waiting for you to call them?

(and yes, 34 is hot for a run, I'm not a rules of hot weather running include going slowly and making sure i have plenty of water)