Saturday, July 26, 2008

isolation, no more!

i just want to say to the internet, i am back and that i am SO happy that i am no longer feeling isolated from the world without internet at home.

i am not sure if that is a sad example of our inability to be 'alone in the world' or a demonstration of the connective powers of the www, but i am back and couldn't be happier to have lucille up and running on the internet (and for free for the time being courtesy of a little deutsche telekom mix up).

podcasts, email, job applications, travel planning, blogs, amazon, facebook - here i come.

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Lara said...

for as long as it's been my name, people have been mispronouncing it, yes.

however, it's not the name i was born with, and not the name on my legal documents. that name is not shared with the general blogosphere, but it is also mispronounced sometimes. this is my pen name, the name i always write under. i'm pretty straightforward with people about the two names when it comes up - like now - but generally, i don't think it makes much difference.