Wednesday, July 02, 2008

the importance of goals

it is the early hours of the morning (well, for me at 9:00am – who needs to adjust to jetlag?) and i was just woken up by a car accident outside my flat. it is not a very busy road, but from my calculations, the black car clipped the yellow car as they were headed in the same direction. and that is just too much excitement for me not to get up and charge up the old ipod so i can go for my first run in the new town.

along with going for a run, my goals today are to fill my fridge with groceries (or as much as i can carry with 2 trips to the supermarket), watch a few more episodes of lost (which is sort of like a glorified survivor episode, but my options are limited so i will take it), and sort out our coffee maker so i can get back on the caffeine train.

and that, ladies and gentlemen, is what my life consists of these days. it would involve a lot more trip planning and communicating if i had the old www in flat. or could find out whose wireless network is called fritz! and see if they would be so kind as to give me their password...

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lu said...

update on goals - the run was accomplished but 34 degrees is WAY too hot for running!

and i cannot find the coffee maker that is supposed to be in the boxes, which means i am going to have to stick to tea for my caffeine fix. or just drink more delicious beer!