Friday, July 04, 2008

a friday night in a german town

happy birthday america! at least i think that today is your birthday, independence = birthday, right?

i just had a greek salad for dinner thanks to an afternoon of grocery shopping and am sitting on my nest’s floor due to lack of furniture (we have a couch but i am sick of the couch) and a sore back, listening to the british forces radio station that i just discovered, and eating ritter sport.

my german friend told me that ritter means knight. sadly, this german friend is in kenya at the moment and can’t help me with other translations. like the damn atm! i finally gave up with the german bank card and used the british bank card, so the machine would speak english to me.

not knowing the language of the local population is a rather humbling experience, to say the least.

nesting is a lot of work and i usually look at the time around 5pm and wonder what happened to the day. i think it is all the thinking that is needed when you are in a new place, it makes time move faster. the nest is getting nestier, but i have suffered a setback when the suction cup holder for the bathroom will not suction. perhaps the wall needs a good scrub before it will stick.

i anticipate a lot of washing and cleaning in my future. i have kaiboshed the idea to buy a washing machine because it just seems like a lot of hassle and lot of money when uniforms can be washed at the army and i can handwash the rest of it. besides, there is a drycleaner around the corner and they can do sheets and towels, right?!

we will see what comes of this set-up, but i did spend yesterday morning washing things in my tub and it reminded me of my sunday morning ritual of washing my ‘little things’ when i lived in south africa a few years ago. sundays in the town of bredasdorp, rsa are a lot like sundays in the town of hameln, germany – not much is open and people are having picnics, walking in the parks, or otherwise entertaining themselves without buying stuff. we have decided to institute ‘german sundays’ when we eventually get back to canada.

the music choice of the british forces radio is a bit too young-lads-heading-out-on-the-piss for my tastes, but i am holding out for the news. it will be interesting to hear what they focus on when the audience is the armed forces.

and that is my friday night. less than a week of this darn army exercise and then i can ditch the radio for real conversation.


riena said...

Those bathroom suction cups never work for me either. They hold for a while and then scare the *&x* out of you when they crash down. Now you know how immigrants feel when they arrive in a new country not knowing the language. Try going to work or school. Isn't Europe great though? Say Hi to that guy for me.

Love Riena

lu said...

i will surely say hi to that guy with the hair just as soon as this pretend war is over and he can come home from the field.

and europe is great!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Welcome to you new nest! May all your troubles be as little as suction cups that won't stick.