Wednesday, January 30, 2008

this is not looking good

in the last 36 hours...
  • an MP was murdered outside his house
  • 4 people were 'hacked to death' in kibera
  • kofi has said that it will take kenya at least a year to get back on track and only if the political aspect is sorted in the next 4 weeks
  • a boy who was invovled in the eldoret church arson that resulted in the deaths of at least 30 people was on the BBC this morning said that any kikuyus returning to eldoret will be killed
  • a kalenjin elder on the radio said that he will instruct his people to resist the rule of a single group
  • the front page of one of nairobi's dailies read, 'un poised to evacuate'
  • staff at work was instructed not to leave the city and to stock up on essentials, including cash and food
and that is just what i saw/heard.
but i must say that after yesterday's chaos, things seem to be normal today. but that is what the entire past month has been about - the normalcy of chaos.
and i am still entirely and completely safe.


Sara said...

if you read all that as an outsider, as we are, you would re-think that last statement about being safe. you make a worrier worry.
if the UN does evacute, you better be there with them.

not to mention, your room will be ready as of Marh 7th!

get lots of food and money, just in cases.


kels said...

hey lu stay safe ok...if you think that you should go then GO! and come join me in mexico ;)

La Cabeza Grande said...

Exactly what Sara said. This situation is making a worrier worry even more. What instructions are you getting from the consulate?

Whatever happens, don't travel alone, watch your back and stock up!

K said...

your "neighbourhood" makes the crack dealers that make me nervous in my neighbourhood feel like Mr. Rogers or something like that.

stay safe! and do what you need to do.

lu said...

people, i am safe. really. as soon as i am not, my organisation will get my out of here. the high commission is not evacuating anyone right now and they are giving us regular warnings of where to go. the thing about this whole conflict is that it is totally unrelated to un staff and ngo staff so that does not make me (or the thousands of other international staff in nairobi) target.

and i will leave if i have to. but right now, i am working to provide humanitarian relief to the people who really are affected. and if i had to leave, that would be months of therapy (what they call the rwanda complex) that i had to leave when people actually needed help. it would be very difficult for me and for all the others who are here working to try and improve the situation.

not that i don't appreciate your worry, i totally understand that it seems a lot scarier when you are outside of the situation. and the situation is bad. my main intention is to draw attention to the reality that kenyans face. i know that people are quick to explain things away as 'ethnic conflict' and write africa off as a hopeless continent whose inhabitants will go on killing one another. not to say that i don't sometimes believe that myself, but i guess i just need to tell 'someone' what is going on around here. call it debriefing.

but i will stay safe. i promise. no one wants to see me safe and all in one piece more than me!