Saturday, January 26, 2008

snippet for advice

i have been slacking on the writing lately, even though i have a lot to say. it would seem that kenya is beginning to sort itself out politically (thank you kofi! although he has yet to call me set up our date... he must be busy with this whole mediation thing. yeah that’s it), yet there are still reports of violence, one province has a 7pm curfew, the police continue to shoot demonstrators, kenyans continue killing kenyans, and the true nature of the violence is becoming known. the reports of sexual violence coming through are painful to read and i am hoping to be able to adapt my project to address such concerns. but, as always, these things are not just up to me.

i write now because i need some advice. my new neighbours have 2 yappy dogs that wake me up barking directly beneath my window at 7am on the weekends and they insist on broadcasting their television for all the world to hear late at night. how do i address this without making enemies? it would sound simple, but i have a yappy dog at home in canada and i understand that you can’t just make them stop. no one likes to have a such a conversation with strangers (or those you know, for that matter) and i am apprehensive to bring it up and am tempted to just write a note, even though i know that a frank discussion would be more effective. ideas?

another point of discussion is the fact that i want a cat, but i spoke to my flatmate this morning and she apparently hates cats. likes kittens but hates cats. i’ve wanted to adopt a kitten for the last year and recently have been having rather strange dreams about having kittens or babies (i know, i know) and felt that the message i should take away from these dreams is that i clearly need to mother something. i called the kspca this morning and inquired about adopting kittens, the vaccines they need, and the cost of having them spayed or neutered (zero shillings!), and when i can go and pick one out. i immediately got excited and began to think about all the names i could name it (even though i came up with none) and told me flatmate my exciting news and she responded with ‘i hate cats.’

but i need to mother something! and it is technically my flat and she moved into it. i understand we share a living space, but i feel a little ripped off that i can’t get a kitten when i want to. i am so sick of living with people. not that i do not enjoy my flatmate, i am just ready to be an adult that lives alone. and leaves their dishes in the sink if they want. and wanders around naked before getting into the shower. and sleeps on the couch if they are too damn lazy to take the 10 steps to their room. so, is it within my rights to get a kitten if i want one?


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La Cabeza Grande said...

Sadly, nothing to be done about the yapping dogs unless the owners care to figure out why they're so noisy and try to counteract it.

As for the broadcast noise, I think you are well within your rights to ask for some consideration on the weekend. After all, they wouldn't want you making all kinds of racket when they're trying to sleep in.

As an animal lover (especially cats), my sympathy lies with you on the kitten question. Afraid you'll have to wait until your flat mates term is up, then advertise for a room mate who is more cat-friendly.

All best.

Riena said...

And what are you going to do with that cat when you leave Kenya? I think it would be difficult to bring it to Canada. Would you be able to find it a good home? Maybe a hamster or such would work better. I also have a neighbor with a dog that barks for hours on end. I just yell at it and hope it's owners get the picture. My own dog will also bark at 7:30 AM when I let him out first thing in the morning, but I call him in right away. Therefore I think a little barking is OK, just not continuous. But I would ask them to turn the TV down a little. Politely though.