Thursday, November 29, 2007

who's got spirit?

i was listening to christmas tunes this morning as i got ready to come into work and it put me in the most festive mood. which is rather difficult when i am also wrapping my head around sitting on a beach this weekend on the coast of kenya.

but for some reason, something has put me in a melancholy mood over the course of the day, but that could be because i didn't take time for lunch (as i had eaten my yoghurt and beets in olive oil and balsamic vinegar already - strange eating habits, i know) and my brain is now a bit fatigued of excel spreadsheets (but i do love the excel) and staring at my outlook inbox. maybe because i have actually been a bit of a productivity machine today and am just done an hour early for the day.

i have managed to clean up my desk, organise my files, catch up on my to do list, prepare for a meeting, and even apply for a job (they say the best time to look is when you have one, right? and i am not sure how long i will stay at this one.) i love a to do list but i love a crossed off to do list even more.

did i mention that i am going to the beach this weekend?! to relax, visit with my travelling partner, and read books. but i will wear plenty of sunscreen as i spied a little crease that wants to become a wrinkle near my mouth. then in 13 days (13 days!), i will be home for real wintertime christmas spirit.

which reminds me, it is now time for me to listen to Song for a Winter's Night by Sarah McLachlan obsessively.


kels said...

Oh lady it is all about the Boney M Christmas album...nothing like disco-style Christmas jingles to get one's spirit up and the dancing shoes on. WAIT till you get home I will introduce you to it.
Have fun at the beach, it is freezing here so let me tell you how jealous I am as I sit here defrosting from the -15C outside.

Anonymous said...

just wear sunscreen

Sara said...

yes, yes , yes we do. we've got spirit, how 'bout you?
remember that one? i am not sure if thats what you were channeling there, but it was the first thing i thought of.
i am expecting to kick off my spirit this saturday with some spirit tunes and spirit baking! however, your arrival in 13 days is far more exciting to me these days!

and wear sunscreen, for health reasons as well as creasy reasons.

liz said...

I completely forgot about Sarah's Christmas Album! Today just got a little bit brighter!

lu said...

creasy reasons!

ok, but i applied it unevenly and now have some tender spots in spots that shouldn't be tender. but i harvested a whole new crop of freckles this weekend.

it was hot as balls. seriously. that hot.

T-Bone said...

thirteen days until you're back for a real wintertime experience eh? I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder. Because I was walking outside today briefly and was trying not to die of either:
a. frostbite
b. excessive cold wind inhalation
c. slipping on sheets of ice.
d. my asian brothers in civics who don't realize there are sheets of ice on the ground.

Thirteen days eh? Betcha can't wait.