Tuesday, November 06, 2007

a recipe for A Perfect Weekend

  • a nice and long saturday morning walk full of sun and flowering jacarandas
  • brunch of huevos rancheros with bacon (for him) and toasted bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon (for her) at a newly discovered restaurant with a lovely garden, impeccable service, and strongly brewed coffee
  • replacement of a newly purchased cheapo brand of fridge that was delivered without freon with a brand spanking new shiny white LG at no additional charge
  • grocery shopping to fill a new fridge with vegetables and cheese
  • a visit to a photography exhibit of one of the refugee camps in kenya
  • cold beers on the patio of the Stanley hotel on a hot afternoon with great convo and lots of laughs
  • dinner at a friend's house with homemade bruschetta, jokes about kenyan idiosyncracies, and chats about terrorism, immigration, and elections over good red wine
  • a sunday morning run to maintain the fitness, harvest the freckles, and try out the routes around the new homestead
  • collaborative kitchen efforts to make delicious omelettes and hashbrowns for a leisurely breakfast in the peace of the patio with oj and coffee refills
  • pedicures with two lovely ladies while sipping a capuccino that resulted in the reddest toes ever
  • sunday evening at the bowling alley with a canadian, a brit, a south african, a kiwi, and an american sipping tuskers while sporting the sexiest velcro shoes and marvelling at the canadian prowess on the lanes
  • gooey roast beef and tuna melts in the crisp evening air to round out the best nairobi weekend in a long time


kristen said...

sounds absolutely lovely.

Anonymous said...

lucky you! lucky him!
love mom xoxo

kels said...

oh lu....how you make me want to come live with you!
(ps yes i am a poet)

La Cabeza Grande said...

That's a recipe I'd bottle and sell! It sounds divine!

Riena said...

Ah, the simple things in life.