Thursday, November 22, 2007

a list for procrastination

  • i have heart burn and have had 4 orange-flavoured Tums since this morning. i am not sure that this is a lot because i never get heart burn, but it seems like a lot to me
  • it has been raining a lot lately, which is no fun when i come to work and sit in my soggy pants (haha, soggy pants, but really just the bottoms of them are wet and then just stay damp all day) and freeze
  • uncertainty freaking sucks. and it sucks x2 when there are 2 people involved
  • it is official, i am the least patient person on earth
  • yesterday i was a productivity machine, today, not so much
  • i have been troubling accessing my blog lately, which is rather annoying but i did find a wireless provider that i could access from home on lucille the laptop. and people think i am roughing it...
  • i have my own intern now. ok not my very own intern to make me coffee but someone to help me do my work. because i actually have real work. and that is good
  • elections are in a month in kenya and there has been some pretty awful electoral violence, especially against female aspirants. just because you don't want someone to run doesn't mean you get to beat them up. start acting like a democratic country, is all i have to say
  • i might get to go to a refugee camp
  • i do get to go back to the coast next week and this time i am stretching out my trip for some beach time
  • when other people are bustling around me and stressing out, it cramps my productivity style
  • i get to go home in 20 days! and i already have a lunch date, a dinner date, a sushi date, and a cabin date


kristen said...

and a red cup date?
(ok so we don't have a time picked out...but...)

lu said...

yes a red cup date!

liz said...

at my job there is an international intern who just started and is here for four months. she has her own assistant and staff of seven volunteers. pretty good for an intern.

I on the other hand have to continuously ask various people in my office for work because I have so little to do.

p.s. I am at starbucks right now, this very minute, drinking out of a red cup!

lu said...

and a party date and a dinner date and a latte date.

almost forgot!

Dan said...

Sounds like you're going to be quite busy in the coming months. Busy is good. :)

Riena said...

Always go with the heart

Sara said...

ahem. a couch date? (with the standard p&c)