Thursday, December 06, 2007

the spirit has taken a hit

i have been really busy lately hating the universe and it got in the way of writing about how excited i am to come home. i wasn't hating the whole universe, mostly just the british army part of the universe. but at least some of that hatred has passed. and i have let go of the fact that i cannot win in a fight against the british army.

well, almost let go.

who are we kidding, i will never be able to let it go.

but now i can get back to the excitement. 5 days!


kels said...

5 days until....
you see your fam
the soldier gets to experience -20
christmas carols
and LOTS girl talk and breakfasts

cant wait!

Sara said...

yay for excitment rejuvination!

riena said...

You coming home has made Christmas extra exciting for us all. I think

lu said...

ok, i am even more excited now!

if it weren't for this hang over brought on by dirty martinis, tequila, and vodka sodas.