Thursday, September 06, 2007


(september 5, 2007)

  • i have not been for a run since last thursday and am feeling rather guilty about it

  • i had chocolate fudge cake for lunch twice last week

  • i have made a rule that i cannot have chocolate fudge cake again until i have been for 3 runs

  • i feel as though my life makes more sense when there are rules

  • i did do pilates tonight and i really need to get a yoga mat because otherwise my flatmate is going to start wondering why his keeps disappearing and coming back smelling like my feet

  • i am having lunch with a man i hope is in uniform tomorrow

  • i am pretty sure that i am in over my head at work, but shhhhhhhhhhh..... don’t tell anyone

  • i have also been given an opportunity to demonstrate that i can do it

  • i am beginning to like the feeling of being protected and taken care of, it is an adjustment

  • i made leek and potato soup last night, it was a bit too salty but won rave reviews

  • i have been trouble getting up in the mornings lately so i have instituted a bedtime of 9:30pm but it is currently 10:15pm

  • i took my newly named laptop (lucille, if you were wondering) for her first spin on kenyan wireless and i think she liked it

  • even though i made a rule that i was not allowed to buy peanut butter (due to the unfortunate incident(s) of eating it right out of the jar with a spoon...), i bought a jar but it is just a little one and i have yet to use it for anything but spreading on toast

  • i can’t get into The L Word but am really enjoying the first season of Six Feet Under – i am also really enjoying renting bootleg copies of tv shows for my evenings’ entertainment

  • i watched Brokeback Mountain for the 4th or 5th time last night and it is still as heartbreaking as ever, i swear it is the music

  • i spent last weekend napping, reading, drinking tea, running from monkeys, watching elephants and hippos sloosh around in swamps, trying to locate the top of kilimanjaro through the clouds, eating, and drinking wine and i am not sure why i am so lucky to be able to do that on a random september weekend
  • i also spent some time last friday night on the side of a dirt road after dark with a flat tire about 20km outside of the park gates and with a jack that did not work – my job was to sit in the car and not be noticed and not protest about being told to sit in the car, i did pretty well at my job but it was damn scary and thanks only to a truck full of nice men in suits am i not trampled by an elephant, eaten by a tiger, the victim of armed robbery, or any number of other roadside calamities you hear about in this country

  • i’d rather be at home today sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of wine with my mom than anywhere in the world – happy birthday momsy


kristen said...

mmmm....chocolate fudge cake.

i almost didn't run yesterday, but then i got home and my new running skirt had come in the mail ( to see a picture). so, i had to try it out even though it was hot and humid.

moral of the story? maybe you just need a new item of running wear to get you back into the swing of things.

Paper Fan Club said...

You're pretty brave to make those kinds of public confessions, although maybe that will help with the chocolate fudge willpower!

What happened with the man in uniform? I'm intrigued.

lu said...

the man did show up in uniform and lunch was delightful. although a man uniform attracts a lot of attention. and makes it very difficult for me to come back to work and concentrate.

but i hope to do it all over again this week.

lu said...

and wait, kristen, a running SKIRT? really? i will have to take a look at this. i would LOVE to have some new running gear but the running gear options in nairobi are slim to none. and most online shops do not really care to deliver to sub saharan africa. jerks.

Sara said...

i also think my life works better with rules. somebody once told me i live my life by too many rules, so i tried living with out them.
and i decided i much prefer the rules.