Friday, September 28, 2007

my parachute is yellow

today i have that feeling that things are going to be ok - that my job will lead to something, that i am gaining valuable experience, that i can build on what i know and where i am, and that i am in fact employable.

we will see how long this feeling lasts, but it is a nice change from the normal sense of panic and urgency that i normally operate under. it could have something to do with signing an 8 month contract or having my business cards printed with my new title, but whatever it is, i am enjoying the ride.

i finally feel like i am really learning how to run a project in this crazy world of international development and that i am narrowing my focus whilst moving past knowing only what i don't want to do. feels good.

this optimism might have something to do with the workshop i get to attend next week - sitting around a safari lodge talking about gender mainstreaming and organisational responsiveness sounds like a fine way to spend a week to me. thank YOU canadian tax payers!


Sara said...

is your umbrella (or similarly shaped object) really yellow? did you do finish the book? what does it mean that you are yellow?
that you are a best suited to work at an elephant orphanage? or you secretly love public speaking and are going to be the next tony robbins?
your totally tony, i knew it.

K said...

as a canadian who feels she pays a lot of taxes, at least i know that some of those dollars aren't going to corrupt business deals. enjoy the retreat. have a couple of drinks on me :)

lu said...

sara - no i am exactly where i left off in that book when we were in little bow. i was just feeling like i knew that my parachute was yellow the other day. still do actually.

funny how workshops that are supposed to TEACH me more leave me feeling like i have a lot to teach others.

k - your taxpayers are being well spent, never doubt! i am making sure that i drink as much water during the workshops, eat as much at the buffets, and use this wireless internet as much as possible! oh, i am also learning and growing professionally too.