Wednesday, September 19, 2007

corn for food

(september 18, 2007)

happy birthday tay!

holy shite, my little brother is 15. and way taller than me.

i am catching up on my cbc podcasts and am listening to a fascinating piece on ethanol and the growth and use of corn. as much as husky would like canadians to believe that it is better for our environment if we use biofuels like ethanol, i really do not think that growing corn to be used as en energy source is a good idea and perhaps because i tend to look at these things from a global perspective. but as the difference in climate change and energy use is negligible it does not seem to be a fair trade off to drive up corn prices, effectively cutting out many buyers in the market who use corn to keep people alive, like the united nations world food programme (WFP) that cannot afford to buy corn to feed people in emergencies or refugee camps.

but that is just my simplified and off-the-cuff opinion on that.

i finally watched Garden State tonight and i give it a big Medium. an exboyfriend of mine once told me that i was like Natalie Portman’s character in the movie and i think that just goes to show you not how quirky i may be but how devastatingly normal he is. i like Zach Braff but was not as impressed as i felt i would be with this attempt at dark humour that he is normally great at. fabulous music and soundtrack though. have you seen The Last Kiss? a recommendation for sure.

now my podcast is telling me that canadian pot is 10 times as potent and half the price of american weed. and that canada has 4 times more marijuana users than any other western developed country. can you imagine what that dude from the Molson I Am Canadian commercials would say about that? it would be a funny advertisement. good podcast though. gotta love the cbc for covering a story from all angles.

i am working on my budget and it is almost complete and since this is the beginning of the year, as i see it, it is just in time to sort out my finances for the coming year. i love a budget. and i love excel. although it took me awhile to really fall madly and deeply in love with excel. it does so many neat things. and yes, calculations, sums, averages, exchange rates are all ‘neat.’

i can hear the imams at the mosques nearby as i type from my bed. it is a soothing sound.

mubarak ramadan.


kels said...

i LOVE garden state but i think since i saw it first (pre Last Kiss) i developed a deep love for it....perhaps it has to do with timing. somehow our copy has gone missing and i am slightly pissed that i have to buy a new one. i hate losing stuff.
i miss you!

Sara said...

happy new year!
this is indeed the time of year everybody should be making resolutions/goals, having a rejuvinating conversation with friends to discuss your past year and plan for your next, and be making budgets. everything changes in september, nothing changes in january. i am missing you in this new year...
and we all heart fall, so who doesnt want to celebrate!!
i am meduim on garden state as well, but deeply in love with the last kiss, i may have to watch it again this weekend to re-new my love!

Sara said...

i just realized i indicated "fall" was a reason to celebrate...i really can find any reason to have fun!