Monday, February 19, 2007

threes and fours

i am in the middle of 3 books (Cloud Atlas, David Suzuki's autobiography, and A Suitable Boy) and this is really going to have to end soon.

i have decided to take french classes 3 days a week after work. the craziest thing i have ever decided to do? probably not, but it will most certainly make me exceptionally busy and make my brain hurt. a lot.

my flatmate and i are have a pancake party tomorrow evening for pancake tuesday. i am making the north american style flapjack-style pancakes which we know are the REAL pancakes and he will make the european-style pancakes that we know and love as crepes. our guests will bring stuff to put on top of mine or stuff inside his. and it will be a delight, i hope.

i am thinking about cutting my hair. to look something like hers. what do you think about that? any suggestions/comments would be appreciated since i haven't had hair above my shoulders in years and although i hate to wrap up my identity in my hair, i am afraid that i have.


kristen said...

As someone who has no problem with haircuts (unless of course they are bad haircuts), I say do it. If you don't like it, it will grow.
Just keep in mind any behind the ear tucking or pulling back. If one or the other is important, make sure the cut will allow for it.

kelsey said...

I agree nothing stinks more than having your hair in you face. And then you try and tuck it behind your ears and that doesn't work, then you resort to bobby pins that slip out or those silver snap barrettes....and we know how great those are.