Tuesday, February 06, 2007

the happiest hour

i had my first after-work-happy-hour-special drinks yesterday and the 3 (or 4?) cosmopolitans were enough for me to be feeling pretty happy and sober again by 9:00pm. and the best part of it was that i was in bed by 11:00pm then up feeling fresh and chipper at 7:00am. all of sudden this whole happy hour thing makes so much sense! where have i been all these years between 4:00pm and 7:00pm on a monday night?

when i got home last night i was warmly welcomed with a new oven (previous to this glorious moment, i had been sans oven) which has left me dreaming of apple crisp, chocolate chip cookies, and raisin bran muffins all day at work. that dream was interrupted long enough for my boss to bring me a mars bar which i gobbled up as i rethought about giving up chocolate for lent, still without any decisions.

can i put a request out to the universe to post me some mini eggs?! but not the british kind (suz, wait til you try them, not nearly as good as the ones from the great white north). i know beggars can't be chosers, but really, they just do not compare.

interested in an update on the birthday celebrations? well here you go: i give the evening a 7.5 out of 10. too many sugary shots, great showing of different groups of people, free drinks and free rides, appearances from my full social calendar (but only a text message from the coup), and some friendly reprimands for sending messages after i'd had some red wine (but don't worry, none to 25, that jerk).

i hope to improve on my rating this weekend, however, when my flatmates and i host a cocktail party (or just a party, i still don't know the difference) as a late-birthday/going-away/it's-february-and-i-am-not-wearing-mittens-or-a-toque party. the invite list is sitting at 50 but sure to grow. i've got to represent over here in africa as my parents have become known to throw the best parties in the neighbourhood and that is a reputation that needs living up to if i have ever heard one. although it might difficult without hockey parents, tequila grandma, and the velvet painting.


Anonymous said...

you could probably find a few random hockey parents...a tequila drinking gramma....but....a velvet painting might be hard to come by!

xoxo mom

Sara said...

oh man that will be a great party. we did learn from the best party thrower, so it is in our blood to throw a few good ones every now and again.
can't wait until we can throw one together... or for one another

kristen said...

as someone else of "party throwing" descent, i understand the desire to host a fantastic soiree as well as the fear of not living up to "the best".
have fun with your party!

lu said...

the fear of not throwing a good party, i know it well.

i am still not sure how many people will be coming (30? 50?) but i just bought 50 samosas from the cook at work to be cooked and delivered tomorrow evening.

too bad i am not in a more social mood as of late.

lu said...

there is hope, there is a joke going around that there will be a break dancing demo! even if it doesn't happen, it will provide me something to joke about to raise my spirits.