Thursday, February 08, 2007

greener pastures

today i am feeling as though the grass is greener elsewhere and i hate that feeling. i am wondering if it is because i am settled and comfortable in my flat, my job, my life. or if it is because i am still upset that the coup in guinea continues with no end in sight.

the party this weekend should be great fun but it is becoming stressful to get people organised to get everything done that i want to get done. because if you are going to throw a party, you should really pay attention to all the details, in my opinion.

i stayed up way too late last night as well and although i had fun trading hundreds of songs with my flatmates (yay ray lamontagne, indigo girls, and the be good tanyas), the lack of sleep is doing nothing for feeling like i want to run away today. to where, i have no idea. but running feels like the best thing to do.

i am expecting a package to arrive today and that better keep me going. oh yeah, and that trip to zanzibar that i am this close to confirming will be a good distraction.


liz said...

I often suffer from "greener pastures" envy/anxiety - and though it is usually in relation to people I actually know, on occasion when I read your blog I definetly experience the same feelings - something about actually changing the world rather than thinking about how it should be changed.

lu said...

thanks for the comment. funny how a stranger (with a few degrees of separation) can provide me with the perspective i think in needed.

about changing the world? i am not so sure. i think the idea of living in working in africa sounds a lot more 'revolutionary' than it actually is. but then on the other hand, i suppose that margaret mead was right when she said:

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."