Friday, September 29, 2006

hit by a truck

as in, i feel like i have been...

although i am not sure what being hit by a truck feels like and i would imagine it hurts more than having strep throat. but i have strep throat and it is really cutting into my plans.

i had plans to go hiking, an offer to attend a film fest gala, and tickets to a flames game, all of which i had to cancel/turn down.

and i had been feeling slightly bored. timing, sheesh.

in other news, i think i found myself a place to live in nairobi, so that makes me feel slightly more settled.

even if i concurrently feel as though i have been hit by a truck.


Yeff said...

don't worry, it could be your 25 and 2/3's thats hitting ya, not a truck. it passes though. you should be feeling better at around the 25.6831111 mark. hehe
hope you're feeling better

lu said...

thanks jefferson!

i will take that sage advice from an elder such as yourself, knowing that you are older, wiser, yet not more mature than me. haha, that is a compliment cause i am pretty sure that you will always be young at heart and we will always have lots to talk about over coffee.

Anonymous said...

mmm coffee, we gotta catch up over a good days worth of coffee drinking.
cafe artigiano is pretty good in Van, but a bit strong. i havent' had any coffee for two days which is nice, tea tastes better really. Nevertheless the jitters are fun