Monday, August 10, 2009

juggling the balls

not those kind of balls, you pervert!

the kind that represent all the people that i have in my life, including a lot of friends, old and new.

i am never sure what the best way is to manage a busy social schedule and although i am not complaining, i wish knew what to say yes to, what to say no to, and how to best prioritise my time. do i set aside time for running and being active and then set aside specific time for socialising, meeting in coffee shops, going to dinner, and just catching up with friends? i fear if i were to do that, i would not be able to fit them all in. but on the other hand, if i don't start doing that, i am not sure how i will fit in all the things that i need to do for myself. and moving into the new nest might even complicate matters when grocery shopping, ironing, and more cleaning need to be done!


La Cabeza Grande said...

I would challenge you to be completely self-centered here: What is most important to your physical and emotional well-being? What activities move your toward achieving your goals? Can you do less of something and still maintain the core aspect of that which draws you to the activity or person?

Not quite the same as T-chart prioritizing but you do start with *you* at the center and work outward.

k said...

I would set up a bit of a schedule, but realize that sometimes it has to bend a little. If you like running in the morning, set that time aside. If you like running after work, make sure that you don't schedule anything right after work. Figure out what NEEDS to be done (ie, food, cleaning, healthy living), what you WANT to do, and what would be really nice to be able to do.

I have a really hard time saying no as well...but sometimes it has to be done. (and I agree with being a little selfish while you figure it all out)

lu said...

i love these tips! thanks ladies.