Wednesday, August 05, 2009

from mypod to the stage

have you given Greg Laswell a listen? i have had him in my pod all afternoon at work today and i am really, really enjoying him. i have his cds Through Toledo and Three Flights from Alto Nido and i must recommend them if you enjoy other artists like Ray LaMontagne or Joshua Radin, as i do.

and another thing, do you or anyone you know have 2 tickets to the Kings of Leon show in calgary next thursday that you want to get rid of? i would be interested in taking those off your hands for a reasonable price. and maybe even a copy of one of the cds mentioned above!


Sara said...

did you get those tickets i sent you? i see they were sold but i wasn't sure if it was you or not.

lu said...

although i just told sara this at lunch, i will now tell the world (aka, my ever interested readers - ha!) that i did score one ticket to the show and with a new friend from work, which should make it an all round great evening!

and now, my sex is on fire.

and for those of you not kings of leon fans, that is a lyric, people.

Anonymous said...

thank goodness!