Thursday, June 18, 2009

just as it should be

i began to get a titch of the overwhelmption earlier this week (potential new home purchase, trip to lake louise, upcoming trip to thailand, lots of dates to coordinate, and summer plans to make), but then i took a deep breath and reminded myself that if i am not content with the way things are NOW then i will constantly be waiting until things come together.

this is not a perspective i historically have been too comfortable with, but am getting better at calming myself down and realising that things happen when they should and that all the planning in the world can be for naught when you don't know the future.

i am taking a step back and giving this one to the universe. i need a home. i need to go to thailand. i need to have a good summer. and i will, one way or another.

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k said...

:) good for you.