Wednesday, November 29, 2006

i need more shavasna

6 hours of sleep is not enough for me. but by the time i get home from work, get any errands done, make dinner, eat, and visit a little bit with my flatmates, it is midnight! i have wanted to be knitting, reading, writing, sudoku-ing with my evenings free of mindless television viewing.

last night i managed to get to a yoga class where the shoulder stands left me with a slightly bruised vertebrae. but there is something to be said for a yoga instructor who, in his indian accent, tells you to "inhale de-e-ply, exhale comple-e-tely."

part of the problem with being so tired is that i end up eating more in attempts to get energy and then avoid doing any exercise because i am overtired. i think this is called Sleep Deprivation and i am pretty sure i suffered from this condition throughout my academic career.

i went to a meeting in the nairobi suburb of Karen this morning (which is named after the danish women who wrote Out of Africa, a colonial errrr.... masterpiece?? or as i know it better: The Movie During Which I Fell Asleep And Woke Up A Few Times And DIDN'T MISS A THING) and during the meeting's necessary tea break, we went to the garden so people could drink their overly milky tea, eat mandazi (sort of like kenyan-style donoughts), and shoo the warthogs away. yes, there were warthogs at the meeting.

i love warthogs and i enjoyed having them at our meeting. just when you don't feel like you're in africa, you see a warthog at a government meeting.

and did you know that in kiswahili 'simba' means lion and 'rafiki' means friend? that brings my knowledge of the language to approximately 5 words. but i intend on taking classes soon, in fact, i just texted mary the swahili teacher now, asante sana.


Joy said...

Rafiki! I loved that movie. Warthogs are the things with large teeth sticking out of their mouths? I dreampt once of being stabbed in the back by one of them. Not a nice feeling.

I moved out of my apartment today. Back home before the big move out west. We got our tickets for January 13th. I'm so excited! Perhaps if you come home in the spring, we could do some catching up in "real" life.

Sara said...

what are the chances that pumba means warthog!? i wonder if kenyans watch the lion king and think north americans are idiots for naming their cartoon lion "lion".

lu said...

pumbaa doesn't mean warthog, i looked it up.

do you know what is cuter than warthogs?? warthog babies!! are they called piglets?

anyways, went back to the meeting (which i realised is right beside a national wildlife park) and saw the babies. i want to bring one to our office so they can just hang out here, but i am not sure the gardeners would appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

mambo rafiki!
i like 'sudoku-ing' too.
We have some nice snow out in VAn, it's been brilliant one could say. Take care over there, watch out for Warthogs