Thursday, November 02, 2006

10 shillings

2 of the things i dislike about my hometown of calgary include the dry weather and the prevalence of nickelback songs on the radio. some of you may not know this, but nickelback and their lead singer make me break out in a rash.

and who would have thought that i would find the same ultra dryness that is doing great damage to my delicate skin AND the beautiful songs of nickelback in nairobi? i have been listening to the local radio station and i almost fell out of my chair when i heard the sweet, sweet sound of chad kroeger's voice. barf.

but one thing i do love about this city is the price of avocados! about 15 cents each. no matter how big they are, the same price - 10 shillings. i also love that the currency here is called shillings.


Sara said...

is it always dry there, or tis it the season for dryness?

K said...

i'm really jealous about your avocados and i feel so increadibly sorry that you can't escape nickelback even in kenya. perhaps we can send you some George's lotion that will help with both the dryness and the rash ;-)

lu said...

i am afraid tis always dry around here, something about the altitude. but it also means there are not many mosquitos, so i will take dry skin over malaria.

update on the avocados - i saw one that was nearly the length of my forearm yesterday. that would make a lot of guacamole. and guess what? yep, 10 shillings.