Monday, March 28, 2011

vote compass

i am sure there will be detractors somewhere that will say that this is unscientific or overly simplified, but i think that the vote compass on the cbc website is one of many tools that we can use during this election season to figure out who we are going to vote for.  if we didn't know before.

i did the questionnaire and wasn't terribly surprised with the results, but what i loved was that you can go through your answers and see where you compare to each of the 5 federal political parties.

there were a few of the questions that i had no opinion on and a few that would have more weight in my final decision, but i think that this is a great tool, especially if you are wondering who will get your vote this may!

let's get voting!


kristen said...

Except for that pesky separation issue, the Bloc doesn't actually seem as bad as I thought...never thought I'd agree with Duceppe, but when in Quebec?
(and I'm saying that with a healthy dose of salt...I dont think I could ever vote bloc)

Ella Mentry said...

Liberals All the way

Actores con Futuro said...

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gabriela said...


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