Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i'll have more of the same

finally, it seems that 2010 has cleaned up its act and has decided to stop being such a jerk.

as mondays go, this one was pretty stellar.  and why?
  • not waking up to an alarm
  • still smiling from the high of getting together with my new book club full of wonderful, dynamic women
  • a new outfit of a skirt on the sale at the gap and a shirt that fits perfectly from my sister paired with a bold necklace with a giant flower and my favourite italian boots purchased in ireland
  • checking off and throwing away my To Do list at work
  • an hour long presentation to the most notorious of the law enforcement agencies in canada (you just try breaking into our borders!) met with positive feedback
  • won ton soup
  • proofing the text for an ad that i will appear in
  • setting up a meeting with someone who wants to learn more about my 'consulting services'
  • an invitation for a south african wine drinking and luggage packing date
  • a raise.  a totally unsolicited raise!  a potentially retroactive raise!!
  • a meeting with my volunteers who continue to inspire me, challenge me, and humour me
  • purchase of a wall hanging off etsy to bring a little feng shui into my nest
  • a new episode of weeds
  • a glass of dry red wine
long may it last.


k said...

Hmm- perhaps 'consulting services' shouldn't go in quotes ;) Sounds like a great day.

Riena said...

All in one day. WOW

carinne said...

Clicking the "next blog" led me here. Congrats on your to do list, and I love your pictures.