Monday, September 20, 2010

going to the experts

i can't decide if the best part about Maid Days is the folded triangles on my toilet paper rolls or that all my crap is neatly piled, but i love it.  and especially on a day like today where i woke up looking forward to crawling back into my bed in the evening.

and i would be there now if the fire alarm wasn't screaming (and it screams something fierce and likely unsafe for human ears).  instead, i have opened a bottle of velvet fog and am waiting it out.  shame it is getting darker earlier now or i could enjoy my beer on my balcony and admire the uniformed firemen that come when this happens once each month.

but instead, i am watching the television show that my mom has me hooked on, come dine with me, a channel 4 programme from the uk that is kitschy, hilarious, and real.  which is much more than i can say for american reality tv shows and reminds me of life in england when i had dinner parties for my international friends and had to balance halal, vegetarian, south african meat eaters, and 5 flatmates in a shared kitchen.

and on the topic of food, i made my very own meatballs last night!  all by myself!  for the first time!  and they are delicious.


k said...

I love Come Dine with Me...I love the sarcastic voice-over guy, love the fact that they find the oddest people to participate, and love the fact that one of the main activities of the dinner party is snooping through a stranger's house :)

lu said...

did you see the one where they found the rainbow speedo in the drawer?? it was on last night - hilarious!

i often wonder if it was done in the states if it would terribly competitive and over-the-top. i like that it is real people, cooking real (sometimes gross) food, in their real houses.

k said...

TLC did a version of the show a few years ago called "Dinner Takes All" (I think it was set in NYC but I can't remember). It was ok, but not nearly as entertaining and hilarious as Come Dine with Me.

As for the rainbow speedo- not sure if I've seen that one...but one of my favourite weeks was the one where the hostess went upstairs and fell asleep during her own dinner party- someone else had to cook part of her meal. It was really odd.