Thursday, May 20, 2010

is it premature to declare The End of the Vest?!

for years i have been harping on about our prime minister's lacklustre physical appearance and his penchant for wearing ill fitting vests (in fact, i have an entire tag on this blog dedicated to it).  and have even been known to state that i am completed content with the use of public funds to hire a stylist tasked with sprucing up his appearance so that he looks less like a corpse and more like someone who i feel comfortable representing canada. 

and lo and behold, he has hired a stylist!  and people are concerned with where her salary comes from.  but i don't care!  i love that he realises that he needed help in the appearance department and is taking appropriate action.

but i am still not convinced that she can change this:
into this:

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k said...

Money well spent well spent.