Monday, May 24, 2010

dear john. the movie, not my life

let me give you the synopsis of the movie.

girl meets soldier.  soldier has a past.  girl falls in love with soldier.  soldier is on his way out of the army.  girl waits 12 months.  soldier is posted to somewhere in africa.  soldier is offered a professional opportunity of a military career.  soldier takes it and doesn't tell the girl.  eventually, as you can expect, they break up.

sound familiar?  it should.

i don't know what it means to be 'over' someone or something, but i do know that if i was given the same information and the options, i would likely make the same decision that i did.

and that could potentially get me in the same situation that i initially found myself in 18 months ago.  and it would  mean i would have to go through the same hell that i did to get to where i am now.

but i would still do it.  i haven't given up.  and if the least that came of it is simply one of the best stories you can ever tell your grandkids, well i certainly have that!

you might want to see the movie.  or maybe one day i will write my own.  you'll probably want to see that one too!


k said...

i think your story is definitely movie material...but Amanda Seyfried shouldn't play you.

Sara said...

i would totally buy your book AND see your movie.
reese whitherspoon would play you!
i think a certain someone came up with the perfect ending...something about getting the balls. and of course you going on to do great things (that part is real life and not something someone made up!)

k said...

Sara- I also think it should be Reese Witherspoon (and I think when I told the people at work that I have a friend who's life should be a movie, I may have even said "starring Reese Witherspoon). But no Gyllenhall for the soldier because then I might fall in love with him, and that would just make me feel bad.

And yes- I'd buy at least a couple of copies of your book :)

Riena said...

I hear ja. "It is better to have loved and lost then to never have loved at all"

lu said...

i agree, mr gyllenhall cannot play the dickwad soldier because that would ruin my future drooling over him.

and i would be completely content with having miss witherspoon play me! i wonder if she knows how much she looks like me?! ha

Anonymous said...

dickwad soldier...ha ha....we can only hope his dickwads have fallen off...never to be found again....