Thursday, February 11, 2010

what do i want to be when i grow up?

my dream job would be an expert (whatever that means) in foreign aid/development working within an academic institution so that i could a) teach, b) do qualitative research, c) write papers, and d) do speaking events where i could talk about how aid has not yet worked and work with other experts to brainstorm ways to make the field of development more effective.

in keeping with this dream job, i have added two blogs to my blogroll over there on the right, Good Intentions Are Not Enough (and they're not) and Aid Watch (whose website says, 'just asking that aid benefit the poor' and is partly written by William Easterly, who should really consider supervising my future phd.  i mean, if he knows what is best for him!).


La Cabeza Grande said...

I sincerely wish I was as self-directed (and self-fulfilling!) as you are.

I'd better get busy, if I know what's good for me. ;)

btw, my verification word is moron spelled backwards. Do the comments know something?

lu said...

thank you for the vote of confidence that i can do this! now or one day...

DJ Taurus said...

hey lu!

glad i came across your blog - great to find some awesome people doing awesome things. sounds like you're on the right path, for sure. Would love to hear more about what you do!

hope to catch up soon!