Monday, February 08, 2010

here i am

but what am i doing?  where am i going?  what do i want?

i wish i knew!

i am feeling restless and like i am not sure what direction i want to head in or what direction i should be headed in.  i am holding out hope that the universe is going to show me the way on this one.  i am not one to have faith that things just work out without doing the hard work and putting yourself out there, but i have done some of the work and have asked for what i want and i am going to try and have faith that the universe will point me in the right direction.  or that it will point the right opportunity in my direction.

part of my current stuggle is that i am a little bored with the state of my life.  it is good, don't get me wrong, but i feel as though i might be loosing my edge, loosing what makes me interesting and unique.  and i am not quite sure what to do about getting that back apart from trying to find a job outside of the country.  but then in reality, would i be ready to make that sort of change?  i wish i knew.



Anonymous said...

thank you for this post, that is exactly how i'm feeling right now! you said it perfectly. It made me realize I wasn't alone in feeling a little lost and confused in the direction of my life......I always thought I would have everything figured out by the age of 27, I definately thought wrong lol Anyways, I really like your blog, hope you have an awesome day :)

lu said...

why thank you!

and why was it by 27 you thought you'd have it figured out? or is that your age now and you thought you'd have it figured out by now, whenever now is.

i am with you on being lost and confused at times, but i always try to remind myself that there is no finish line so the journey can be circuitous and roundabout and likely, it is more fun that way!