Tuesday, December 16, 2008

still here, i promise

really, i am.

i even had a few ideas for posts. and even starting drafting them. but until i get back to them, here are a few tidbits:
  • Australia is not such a long movie and it has great big screen movie star kisses, cheesey lines at just the right moments, and hugh jackman on horseback. it is worth the sitting time just for that last bit.
  • tis cold. so cold in fact that i bought a pair of uggs. i know that there are other brands that are cheaper, but i just felt like i should go hard or go home. however, they are so cozy, i would eat them if i could. and hugh jackman on horseback. yum.
  • yesterday my friend was telling me how her nose ring once fell out during a meeting and she had to casually cover it up and we chuckled. then this morning, i yawned during a training and drooled on my shirt! seriously, who does that? i didn't even know it was possible.
  • i wrote my spanish placement exam and they said i have a good handle on the language. i guess they were not considering my big capital letters saying, '¡NO ENTIENDO EL SUJUNCTIVO, AYUDAME!' but at least i remembered to put the ¡ in there so it makes it at least punctually correct
  • i don't know what all this talk about an economic downturn is about, i have spent more money in the last few months than i have in years. pish posh.
  • somalia's still crumbling, if anyone cares to notice.
  • i could really go for a beach holiday. is it appropriate to follow that last comment with this one?
  • it is if i also say that i am in the middle of Zanzibar Chest, which is fantastic and i wholeheartedly recommend it even though it is not my policy to recommend a book before i am done with it. but it covers the chaos that is somalia and other african historical bits and bobs while the author relays his experience as a white kid in africa and then a foreign correspondant in war zones.
  • i am not sure if i have ever recommended it here, but Emergency Sex is also a great read. similar idea. more un, less reuters than the other book, but same conflict zones. same appeal to me, the reader.


k said...

i finished purple hibiscus last week. good recommendation! i really liked it.

(my word verification is "actkill" weird)

lu said...

this is a bit of a funny story - i haven't yet read Purple Hibiscus, but got confused when i recommended it to you. i was thinking of her second novel, Half of a Yellow Sun, which i LOVED!

i still have purple hibiscus on my shelf waiting for my attention one day soon. glad to hear that you enjoyed it and are recommending it to ME!