Friday, December 05, 2008

greenest pastures

the past few months have been tumultuous, to put it lightly. and during the last week of tumult i have been thinking a lot about where i am and where i am going. both physically and in all other ways.

my feet have begun to itch and i have been thinking about all the places i could go and might see one day. it worries me that i will always have a dull ache of an urge to pick up and run off to areas of the world that are different, dangerous, or somehow interesting. and yet, it is the experiences that i have had over the past few years that i end up talking about most with people i meet.

thoughts of potential adventures are at the front of my mind today because a colleague of mine asked me this morning if i would be interested in working in the middle east because his old boss was harassing him to take a job and he was trying to pawn it off on someone. at the moment, my answer is a vehement no, but it is nice to know that opportunities will always come and it will be up to me to accept them or not.

and, for the moment, i am content right where i am. even if the details are yet to be ironed out and i have no idea what it is that i do at work or when it will ever begin to make sense (or if i even like it), i have no intentions of uprooting and sailing away on a ship like an 19th century woman out to explore the colonies and write books about exotic species of flowers while her governor husband civilizes the natives.

besides, i have spanish classes to take, weddings to attend, a car to drive, two jobs to wrestle, and a shopping habit to fund.

the world better be ready when i do decide to dart off somewhere, because crumbling democracies seem to follow me around the globe!


La Cabeza Grande said...

Depending on where you might go in Asia or the Middle East, you might be treated as a 19th century woman. Love your descriptive language, btw!

OT: Just the other day, I found the card upon which you wrote your contact info that day in Amsterdam. I happened to be searching for my passport for my upcoming Toronto trip!

k said...

Regardless of where you go, you'll make that little part of the world a little bit better. For now it is the hometown. I'm guessing it barely knows what hit it ;-)

(my verification is flueinge...which seems weird to me since my arm is sore and a little funny feeling, a twinge perhaps, after getting my flu shot)