Friday, October 12, 2007

oh glenda

last night i became my mama - i came home from work, took off my work clothes and put on yoga pants and my runners to go grocery shopping. then i came home, threw on an apron (kept my runners on) and whipped up some granola bars.

not that my mom has ever made homemade granola bars as far as i can remember, but she always wears her runners in the house and until last night, i don't think i ever had unless i had just come from a run.


Sara said...

hahaha, thats the funniest thing i have heard all week.
it is all about the runners. at first i was thinking, yeah mom would wear runners to the grocery store, but keeping them on to bake is classic glenda.
i love it.
you are your mothers daughter.

kristen said...

every time i see your mother's name, i think of glenda the good witch (was she the north witch or the south witch...i think the south). does your mum float around it a bubble...(wearing her sweats and sneakers)?