Thursday, October 25, 2007

changes and adjustments

because my blogging has been sporadic at best lately, i present you with a list.

  • i am signed up to run a 10km race this sunday. i haven’t run 10km in over a year and i fear that i will be collecting my lungs off the streets of nairobi if and when i drag my arse over the finish line
  • i have already planned the greasy breakfast i will eat after i finish the 10km
  • i am moving and i am very excited about it. in a few weeks i will be the proud resident of a 2 bedroom flat that is warm and cozy and everything i need right now.
  • i went to tanzania last weekend as it was a long weekend here in kenya and the part of my life that i love right now is that i can take road trips to have camping adventures in tanzania on weekends
  • arusha is a great town
  • cadbury's chocolate tastes a lot better in tanzania
  • the jacarandas are in bloom and although they may share responsibility with every other flowering plant for my allergies, their purple flowers make me smile on the inside whenever i see them
  • it is 49 days until i come home for christmas and i am already so excited. a bit premature on the excitement, perhaps, as my trip will be only 22 days in comparison.
  • my newest obsession is listening to Alison Krauss
  • The Historian, although a book about vampires, is a great read, if not a little long
  • the u of c is giving George Stromboloupolous an honorary degree, interesting
  • my job is all about hurrying up to wait lately. it got old about a week ago
  • when one of your good friends is working in darfur and then your hometown’s newspaper’s front page says ‘two canadians kidnapped in darfur,’ it is more than a little unsettling
  • dating someone who was married before can be rather difficult at times. worth it entirely, but difficult.


kels said...

WHA??? you are coming home for Christmas! Sweet!!! Breakfasts all day long!

lu said...

i am indeedy. december 12th, i will be home.

yay. i am so excited. bring on the breakie!